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Justificatif de Performance

Conditions of previous performance/races

To be able to participate in the Eiffel tower Vertical®, one must complete at least the timing performance on one race official within 2 years before November 10th, 2017 at 11:59pm as below :


Stair races

Any Finisher in a stair race  of at least 700 steps has the opportunity to pre-register

Ascent races

- Km Vertical: Finisher

Road races

- 10 km: Time strictly less than 50 min (12.0 km / h)

- 20 km: Time strictly less than 1h49min (11.0 km / h)

- 21.1 km: Time strictly less than 1h54min (11.0 km / h)

- 42.2 km: Time strictly less than 4h13min (10.0 km / h)


Any Trail Finisher for a minimum distance of 45 km has the possibility to pre-register.

Any performance must be justified through a diploma or official result of the event performed as issued by the competent organization.

The runner must ensure that he features clearly in the document provided during pre-registration and that his NAME and First name are spelled correctly.

In case of misrepresentation, non-compliant with regulation or deceptive, the organization reserves the right to cancel the pre-registration of the rider without refund of entry fees.