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• Can I participate in this race?

Pre-registrations are reserved for riders born in 1998 and before, licensed or not.

Elites and riders must prove performance, the terms of performances are available in Article 4 of Regulation (click here).

• How are elites and registered runners divided?

Le Verticale de la Tour Eiffel® is composed of 129 participants as follows:

- 40 elites runners coming from the running community  => designated in the Division Regulation A

- 79 runners selected by lottery at the close of pre-registration for the race => designated in the Division Regulation B

- 10 runners selected by the organization with wildcards  => designated in the Division Regulation C

40 elites (Division A) will be selected by a committee of experts, following their pre-registration. The date of appointment of runners Division A  is fixed for  December, 11th 2017.

Pre-registration for the Eiffel tower Vertical® for the 79 runners selected by lottery (Division B) is open under certain conditions (see he Eiffel tower Vertical® entry in terms - Division B) to any person, male or female born in 1998 or before (hopefuls to veterans categories), licensed or not.

• How  does the selection take place of pre-registered?

40 elites will be selected by a committee of experts, following their pre-registration.

79 other runners will be part of a draw among the pre-registered (+ elites not retained by the experts).

• How to verify that I am pre-registered and / or my application is complete?

You can view your member account at any time by quoting your file number on the e-mail confirmation of pre-registration..

The pre-registration form will only be complete if it contains all of the details of the participant and after validation of performance certificate not older than two years (see conditions below):

 Stair races :

Any finisher in a stair race of at least 700 steps can pre-register

Ascent racing :

- Vertical KM : Finisher

Road races:

- 10 km: Time strictly less than 50 min (12.0 km / h)

- 20 km: Time strictly less than 1h49min (11.0 km / h)

- 21.1 km: Time strictly less than 1h54min (11.0 km / h)

- 42.2 km: Time strictly less than 4h13min (10.0 km / h)


Any Trail Finisher for a minimum distance of 45 km has the possibility to pre-register.

Any performance must be justified through a diploma or official result of the event run as issued by the competent organization.

The runner must ensure that he appears in the document provided during pre-registration and that his NAME and First name are spelled correctly.


• If I am not drawn, am I refunded the amount of my pre-registration?

No refund is possible. All entry fees (deducted from € 1 registration fee) will be donated to charity.


• What kind of medical certificate is allowed?

Accepted documents are:

• Either the medical certificate dated less than a year on the day of the race (ie subsequent to 15/03/2017)

• Either a copy of their license (FFA) 2017-2018

• Either a copy of its license (FFTRI, FSCF, FSGT, UFOLEP) 2017-2018

To make your job easier and to avoid litigation at its validation, we suggest you download a template for a medical certificate (which you can also reuse in other races):

Click here to download the form of medical certificate

To submit my medical certificate on my member account by clicking here.

The certificates must be provided to the organization before December 31st, 2017.

• Is there a waiting list after the close of registration in case of breakage?

When pre-registration is closed, it is no longer possible to obtain bibs. There is no waiting list, even in case of withdrawal.

• I need to cancel my participation in. Do I get a refund?

Cancellation does not imply reimbursement. No transfer of race bib is possible.



• Can I remove the bib of a third party?

Each rider must come and collect his number personally, having an official ID.

• Where do I get my number?

Integrated into the chasubles race bibs may be obtained on Thursday, March 15th, 2018 under the tent located inside the Emile Anthoine Sports Centre between 4pm and 7:30pm.



• How are my belongings taken care of during the race?

Each rider may desposit their personal affairs in their own bag in the zone set aside for this purpose at the Emile Antoine Sports Centre between 6:00pm and 7:30pm on March 15th, 2018. A sticker, provided in the race bib envelope must be stuck onto the bag. The bag will be delivered the same day until midnight.



• Where can I park my car?

We invite you to visit www.parkingsdeparis.com where you can explore all the possibilities available to you (two wheels, cars, camper vans).

• How to get to the starting point of the race?

The starting area is accessible by Metro (lines 9, 8 and 6), bus (lines 80, 42, 92) and RER (line C). Find all the information in the access category (click here).



• How can I lodge near the Eiffel tower?

Many lodging can accommodate you during your weekend in Paris. We invite you to visit the website of l’Office du Tourisme de Paris for more information.

• Can I get special offers  with the Efffel Tower Vertical® ??

We will keep you informed quickly about this possibility.



• What is the mandatory equipment for the race?

Mandatory equipment provided by the organization:

- Chasuble with integrated race number,

- Chip for timing,

- Bracelet.

Equipment to be provided by the rider:

- T-shirt for running,

- Shorts or sticky,

- A pair of running shoes

To avoid falling objects during the ascent of the Eiffel tower, the organization prohibits any object or equipment other than those mentioned above (phone, camera, camera are strictly prohibited).



• How do I check my results?

Provisional results are available instantaneously on the website of the event. The official results are published after validation of the FFA in the week following the day of the race.