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Any entry for the 2017 Eiffel tower Vertical implies the tacit acceptance of the following rules:



The Vertical Eiffel tower® is a timed race whose goal is the complete ascent of the Eiffel tower, or 1,665 steps to climb to an elevation gain of 279 meters.

Each participant will start individually as a timed trial minute by minute following a order established by the organization.

The departure of the first rider will be given on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 8:20pm (local time) South Pillar of the Eiffel tower. The arrival of the last rider is set for 10pm at the top of the Eiffel tower.


The 2016 Vertical Eiffel Tower® gather 128 participants as follow :

- 40 elites runners coming from the running community( climbing races, « vertical Km" in trail running races, trail running, road races, track races, …) => designated in the Division Regulation A

- 78 runners selected by lottery at the close of pre-registration for the race => designated in the Division Regulation B

- 10 runners selected by the organization with wildcards  => designated in the Division Regulation C

40 elites (Division A) will be selected by a committee of experts, following their pre-registration. The date of appointment of runners Division A  is fixed for December  09th, 2016.

Pre-registration for The Vertical Eiffel tower® for the 78 runners selected by lottery (Division B) is open under certain conditions (see Vertical Eiffel tower® ® entry in terms - Division B) to any person, male or female born in 1997 or before (hopefuls to veterans categories), licensed or not.


 For the 40 elite runners Divisions A, two conditions must be met in order to participate in the selection of the expert panel:

- Be pre-registered to The Vertical Eiffel tower® 
- Fill certain performance conditions / past races (see Chapter 4)

The runners of Division A not selected by the committee of experts  will be automatically transfered in the Division B.


For 78 runners from the Division B, 2 steps are necessary and inseparable for validation of registration in the Vertical Eiffel tower® 

- Pre-registration followed by a lottery draw

- The final entry


2 conditions must be brought together in order to take part in the Vertical Eiffel tower® 

- Be pre-registered for the Vertical Eiffel tower® 

- Fill in certain conditions of past performances/races (see chapter 4)



The draw of the 78 Division B pre-registered runners will take place December 12, 2016 following the validation of pre-registrations.

Participants drawn after the pre-registration have a period of 19 days, between December 16 (following the official announcement of the lottery) and December 31, 2016 at 11:59pm, to confirm their registration for the Vertical Eiffel tower®  on their on-line members account (http://verticaletoureiffel.runforyou.fr/)

A copy of the license (FFA FFTRI, FSCF, FSGT, UFOLEP) 2016-2017 or medical certificate with "Non-indication against running in competition" or "No-indication against the Athletics competition ", dated within one year (ie subsequent to March 16, 2016) is required for final confirmation of registration (see chapter 7).


For the 10 runners selected by the organization,  2 steps are necessary and inseparable for validation of registration in the Vertical Eiffel tower® :

- Be pre-registered to The Vertical Eiffel tower® 

- Fill certain performance conditions / past races (see Chapter 4)


To be able to participate in the VERTICAL EIFFEL TOWER®, one must complete at least the timing performance on one race official within 2 years before November 30th, 2016 at 11:59pm as below:

Stair races

Any Finisher in a stair race  of at least 1,000 steps has the opportunity to pre-register

Ascent races:

- Km Vertical: Finisher

Road races:

- 10 km: Time strictly less than 46 min (13.0 km / h)

- 20 km: Time strictly less than 1h40min (12.0 km / h)

- 21.1 km: Time strictly less than 1h45min (12.0 km / h)

- 42.2 km: Time strictly less than 3h50min (11.0 km / h)


Any Trail Finisher for a minimum distance of 50 km has the possibility to pre-register.

Any performance must be justified through a diploma or official result of the event performed as issued by the competent organization.

The runner must ensure that he features clearly in the document provided during pre-registration and that his NAME and First name are spelled correctly.

In case of misrepresentation, non-compliant with regulation or deceptive, the organization reserves the right to cancel the pre-registration of the rider without refund of entry fees.


Taking part the Vertical Eiffel tower® implies de facto unconditional acceptance of these Regulations.


128 participants


Definitive pre-registrations and registration take place uniquely on line on the website of the Vertical Eiffel Tower®  www.verticaletourleiffel.fr

Commitment Period: July, 5,  2016 to November 30, 2016 - 11:59pm

Entry Fees: Pre-registration: 10 € (1) / person

Online pre-registrationsHere

(1) In case of favourable draw, entrants will be notified by email and will definitely validate their registration no later than December 31, 2016 at 11:59pm by paying an additional € 50.

In case of unfavourable draw, all entry fees deducted from the registration fee (1 euro) will be donated to a charity (Les Bonnes Fées) and will in no event be entitled to a refund.

Payments are made online using a secure banking platform.

To complete your registration, each participant MUST join online (at the time of final registration) or place on his member account (possible until December 31, 2016)

• Either their medical certificate dated less than a year on the day of the race (ie subsequent to March 16 2016)

• Or a copy of their license (FFA) 2016-2017

• Or a copy of their license (FFTRI, FSCF, FSGT, UFOLEP) 2016-2017

To make your job easier and to avoid litigation at its validation, we suggest you download a template for a medical certificate (which you can also reuse in other races) :

Click here to download the medical certiciate template  

Deposit my medical certificate on my member’s account by clicking here .


No other license or certificate of license will be accepted after December 31, 2016. Once this document is approved by the organization, a confirmation email will be sent to confirm the final registration.

Once past december 31, 2016 or no acknowledgment of the document, the registration will be canceled and will entitle to a refund of entry fees.

To be valid, the medical certificate must include a reference to "non-contra-indication to the practice of running in competition" or "non-cons to the practice of athletics competition"

Any file incomplete registration will be rejected. The entry fees include all services described in this regulation. An acknowledgment is sent by mail and the confirmation of registration will be done at the website of the race.


Cancellation does not imply reimbursement. 


Mandatory equipment provided by the organization:

- Chasuble with integrated race number,

- Bib

- Chip for timing,

- Bracelet.

Equipment to be provided by the runner:

- T-shirt for running,

- Shorts or sticky,

- A pair of running shoes

To avoid falling objects during the ascent of the Eiffel tower, the organization prohibits any object or equipment other than those mentioned above (phone, camera, camera are strictly prohibited)


A chasuble and a bib and a bracelet will be given to participants upon presentation of proper identification.

The withdrawal of jumpers with integrated bib will be under the tent located inside the Emile Anthoine Sports Centre on Friday, March 16, 2017 between 6:00pm and 7:45pm.

Chasubles with integrated bib and strap shall be kept for the duration of the race. It serves to pass the entrance to the South Pillar of the Eiffel tower and the post-race refreshment and snack buffet, located in the Gustave Eiffel room on the first level of the Eiffel tower.

The race number must be visible at all times throughout the race. The chasuble with integrated race number must be positioned in the place with bib chest competitor side to be visible at all times and all throughout the race. It must always be positioned over all clothing. The name and logo of the partners should be modified or hidden.


During handing out of race bibs, an integrated microchip is given individually to each runner to allow timekeeping. This should be set as specified in the Technical Instructions. Each runner is responsible for the proper use of the chip. The rider cannot be timed in the following cases:

• Failure to wear the chip,

• Loss of the chip,

• Degradation of the chip,

• Incorrect wearing of the chip.



 Each participant brings their own bag of up to 30 litres intended for personal belongings (clothes, toiletries ...). A sticker provided in an envelope in the race bib must be affixed to the bag.

• After filling it with the belongings of your choice and closing it, they deposit it between 6:00pm and 7:45 pm. Thursday, March 16, 2017 at the Emile Anthoine Sports Center in the zone for this purpose. No runner’s bag will be accepted by the organization outside of these hours.

• Recovery of the bags is the same location as they were deposited. The bags are delivered either to the competitor or someone close to them only on presentation of the chasuble with bib and bracelet or ID card. The bags are given back until midnight on the same day. Beyond this time, the runner must come himself to recover his bag, at his own expense, from the organization, Chaville (92370).

• All bags must be taken back from the organization within a maximum period of 15 days after the event, beyond this period, the content of these bags will be donated to charities.


Medical teams will present the following four areas on the ascent: platform of the 1st level, deck on the 2nd level, intermediate level and top of the Eiffel tower. 4 aid stations are intended to provide assistance to any person in danger with the means of the organization or contracted.

Rescuers will also be present at intermediate levels throughout the ascent.

A rescue team (pair) will be set Friday, March 16, 2017 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm in the Gustave Eiffel room.

Doctors are allowed to put anyone off tested unfit to continue the event. Rescuers are empowered to evacuate by any means anyone they consider at risk.

In case of necessity, for reasons still in the best interest of the person rescued, the fire brigade will be called. At this time, the operations director will use all appropriate means. The resulting costs of the use of these exceptional measures shall be borne by the rescued person who must take out an insurance for their return from the point whence they has been evacuated. They will then present an application to the individual accident insurance policy.

Any participant using a doctor or rescuer submit themselves to their authority, and agrees to accept his/her decisions.


Physiotherapists and osteopaths will be present in Paris at the Emile Anthoine Sports Centre to provide assistance to the runners after their arrival. Access to care is possible only for holders of a runners’ bracelet. Care Centre opens at 6:00pm on thursday and closes at midnight the same day. Access to health and their nature are left to the discretion of the nursing staff, especially depending on the crowding.


 Timing positions are in place in several places on the ASCENT: South pillar platform 1st floor, platform 2nd floor, intermediate platform and top of the Eiffel tower.

Only holders of a runner’s chasuble with visible bib have integrated access to areas of drinking points.  Drinking points are located at the following platforms: intermediate platform and top. Refreshment and snacks after the race in the form of a buffet are served at the Salon Gustave Eiffel on the first floor of the Eiffel tower to all participants of the Vertical Eiffel tower®.


The maximum time for arrival is set to 10:00pm Any runner put out event cannot continue his course and must go back down to the first level of the Eiffel tower by following the instructions of the organization.

Only runners wearing a visible bib will have access to the drinking area during the competition and refreshment after the race.


For the security during the competition we have barrier schedule :

Level 1 (330 steps) : 8 minutes

Level 2 (670 steps) : 15 minutes

Midle level 2-3 (1140 steps) : 25 minutes


It is possible for participants in the Vertical Eiffel tower® to take a shower at the Emile Anthoine Sports Centre


A participant who wishes to give up may retain his chasuble with integrated race number, which will allow him to enter the Salon Gustave Eiffel in order to gain access to the buffet.

Repatriation The Gustave Eiffel Salon will be done by the elevators and will be in compliance with the other participants still in the race by following the instructions of the organization.


In the case of an incident that might occur during the ascent of the Eiffel tower, Race HQ will take the decision to stop the race and inform all members of the organization present located throughout the course.

The runners going up the stairs will be stopped by members of the organization and will walk down to the lower platform at the timing mat, and then they will wait for instructions from the PC Course.

When the incident is over, the race will be restarted simultaneously at the timing mats located on each of the platforms.

The maximum cumulative time of various judgments cannot exceed 1 hour. From this combination of time is reached, the organization will make the decision to stop the race and to inform the riders. The latter will then join the room Gustave Eiffel following the instructions of the organization.


Each participant will start individually as a timed trial minute by minute following a order established by the organization.

Controllers on the course are entitled to check the required equipment, the good performance of the race and, more generally, compliance with Regulations (chasuble with integrated race number not visible, etc. ...).

It is strictly forbidden to make physical contact, in any way, with any other competitor during the entire race. Overtaking any competitor must be done only from the outside. Failure to follow these rules will be reported to the Race Control which will be the sole judge of the penalty to be imposed on therunner (penalty time: 5 minutes / illegal overshoot disqualification).

Any rider not being in possession during a control on the course of all of his mandatory equipment will be immediately disqualified with no chance of appealing against the decision.

As the display or display of brands, sponsors or partners outside the race is strictly prohibited within the confines of the Eiffel tower, the organizer is responsible for enforcing this rule. Therefore, non-compliance will result in immediate and irreparable disqualification. In addition, the competitor concerned will not be entitled to register for future editions of the Vertical Eiffel tower® or those of EcoTrail Paris Ile de France®

The event jury may order the disqualification of a competitor for any serious breach of the rules, especially in case of:

• Incorrect wearing of the race bib

• Failure to wear the bracelet,

• Non-compliance with the instructions given by the checkpoint

• Failure to assist another competitor in difficulty,

• Display and exhibition, in any form, of brands, sponsors or partners, in the grounds of the Eiffel tower,

• Wearing of forbidden material: eg: camera, phone, camera, ...


These are admissible in writing within 15 minutes after the posting of provisional results.


Any competitor may be subject to doping control at the Finish of VERTICAL EIFFEL TOWER®. Refusal to submit to this will result in immediate disqualification. Any positive test will result in lifetime exclusion from events organized by the SAS Eco-Trail Organisation.


This consists of:

• the Organizer,

• the race director,

• coordinator responsible for safety,

• the head of the medical team,

• managers of the control areas concerned

• and any competent person at the discretion of the Chairman of the Organising Committee. The jury is empowered to act in time consistent with the requirements of the race over all disputes or disqualifications occurring during the event. Decisions are final.


The organization reserves the right to modify at any time the course without notice. In case of unfavourable weather too (major depression with significant amounts of snow and rain, strong thunderstorms ...) Starts can be deferred up to two hours beyond which they will be cancelled.

In case of bad weather, and for safety reasons, the organizers reserve the right to cancel and / or stop the race or to change the schedule of the event. Starts may be postponed for up to two hours after which, they will be canceled.

Cancellation, postponement or modification of the race does not imply a refund of registration fees.

Any decision will be made by a jury comprising at least responsible for the race organizer and the coordinator responsible for safety as well as any competent person at the discretion of the Chairman of the Organising Committee.


Liability: The organizer has taken out a civil liability insurance for the duration of the events. This liability insurance guarantees the financial consequences of its responsibility, that of its employees and participants.

Personal accident: Each participant must be in possession of a personal accident insurance. Such insurance can be purchased from any organization the participant's choice, especially with the French Athletics Federation: http://www.athle.fr/


An awards ceremony recognizing the best time (ranking man and woman ranking) will be held in the Gustave Eiffel lounge. A Finisher’s gift will be given to each participant arriving at the top of the Eiffel tower and a snack buffet will be served to all participants at the end of the ceremony.


Through their participation in the Vertical Eiffel tower® , each entrant expressly consents to the SAS EcoTrail Organization (or its heirs) to use or use or reproduce or have reproduced their name, image, voice and sports performance in as part of the Vertical Eiffel tower® for a direct or derived form of the event and in all media, worldwide, by any means known or unknown to this day, and for all the term of protection currently given to these direct operations or by legislative or regulatory provisions, judicial decisions and / or arbitration of any country as well as the current or future international agreements, including any extensions that could be made to this duration.


the Vertical Eiffel tower® is an incentive to sporting practise initiated within the values of solidarity of the EcoTrail Paris Ile de France ®, it has seemed natural for the organization to involve militant associations for the same reasons.

Therefore, it was decided that the organization would repay the full amount of the pre-registration (people selected and not selected) to a charity (minus administration fee: 1 euro).

30/ CNIL

The information provided by the runner is required for participation in Le Verticale de la tour Eiffel® (registration). This is subject to a i/c treatment and is intended for the secretariat of the Organization EcoTrail SAS. Pursuant to Article 34 of Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, you have a right of access and rectification of personal data. If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about you, please contact the SAS EcoTrail Organisation - 56, rue Alexis Maneyrol - 92370 Chaville.