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Experts Comitee

To guarantee a high-flying elite of athletes, an expert committee has been set up. This committee brings together international journalists expert in the field of running in their countries.

 Fred BOUSSEAU of Trail Endurance Mag / VO2 Run

He has included the world of the Press and Vo2 Endurance to take care of media plans and today's web and social media. He has always been practicing practice sport by cycling, mountaineering, trail running and ski mountaineering. He is also a mountain guide. 39'30 '' in the 2014 10km, OCC finisher ...


Anthony RODALE of Runner's World

Anthony Rodale is an ultra runner, triathlete, and photographer. Anthony is a part of the Rodale family that publishes Runner's World. Two-time finisher of the Marathon des Sables, and Eco Trail 80km finisher 2014.





Vice President of Towerrunning World Association and in charge of dévelopment for World Federation of Great Towers
Stairs runners and triathlete.

Jean-Paul BRUWIER of Zatopek Magazine

Editor of the magazine Zatopek. Running events organizer (Brussels Ecotrail, 15km from Liège Métropole ..). ¼ finalist in 400 hurdles at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Economist trained at the University of Liège (ULG) and the University of Southern California (USC).


Caner ODABASOGLU of Kosu Gazetesi

Living in Istanbul. Senior Event organiser and seasoned race director. 20 years into mountain sports, orienteering, mountain marathons and multisports. Regularly running since 2009 and in ultras since 2011. One of the most popular runner blogger in Turkish, freelance writer. Has produced running documentary film Pathway to Dreams with the background of UTMB-TDS. Also finisher of EcoTrail 80 KM.

Marie SAMMONS of Ultra-Trail World Tour

As head of development of the Ultra Trail World Tour, Marie has a big knowledge of the trail and ultra-trail. Multi-finisher of exepional races (Réunion isldand's Grand Raid, Marathon des Sables...), she dedicates her time to develop the international trail-running.