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An ascent race of the Eiffel Tower's 1665 steps


This event is a particular challenge in a building bearing within it the "concept of challenge". The Eiffel Tower is a structure suitable for sporting achievements. Stairs used are an integral part of the building and cannot be considered as service stairs.

Unlike similar events that exist in the world, held in cages closed stairs, the stairs of the Eiffel Tower are open to the outside. In addition, access the 2nd to 3rd levels closed to the public will give the impression to those who participate of literally flying…

Vertical races are growing dramatically around the world. In 2014, 100,000 runners have participated in one of the Vertical races. Their origins are almost exclusively "Anglo-Saxon" (96%) and are mainly in the United States (51% of races).

This is a new original sport that sharpens the imagination of the public and the media across the globe. In general, the + tall buildings are chosen to be the + climbed the + fast as possible.